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The fume and dust control needs of the foundry industry vary greatly. This is due to the variety of processes used to produce the final product; consisting of melting, creating moulds, casting, breaking the casting from the mould and finishing of the casting.


Adding onto this the fact that foundries can handle both ferrous and non ferrous material, and that sand is used to create the moulds, dust is an inevitable by-product of these diverse and wide range of applications. With years of expertise, IntegratedAIR Filtration have the answer to all dust control filtration needs of the foundry Industry.


Our BlueClean® range of filtration equipment will help your client to reduce dust emissions, increase their product quality, be compliant with industry regulations, reduce maintenance and improved health and safety.

Applications within the foundry Industry include:

  • Furnace fume
  • Pouring
  • Cooling
  • Core knockout
  • Sand hopper/silo vents
  • Thermal sand recovery
  • Sand drying
  • Grinding/Fettling
  • Polishing