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Metal Work

Laser and Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is a process that cuts through electrically conductive materials by using an accelerated jet of hot plasma. Mild steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, and copper are typical materials cut using a plasma. While fume levels associated with laser cutting are relatively low, plasma can produce a far larger amount of fume – especially when the materials being cut are thick-plated.


With its use of true downflow cleaning technology, our BlueClean® HC PRO is ideally suited to handle the requirements of laser and plasma cutting applications.

Our filter units are supplied with high-efficiency filtration media, which allows the filtered air to be returned back into the production area. When cutting stainless steel we recommend that our units are fitted with HEPA secondary filtration when returning the air back into the working area.

Our BlueClean® filter units can be specified for use with both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.


Welding fume has long been acknowledged as a potentially serious hazard to the health of both those carrying out welding operations and those working within the vicinity. Welding fume is linked to a variety of acute respiratory issues such as asthma, metal fume fever, acute pneumonia, and chronic respiratory illnesses such as lung cancer and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

Our BlueClean® Compact and HC PRO filter units are the perfect answer to these health hazards handling the welding industry’s needs.

When working with stainless steel, we recommend that our units are fitted with HEPA secondary filtration when discharging the filtration are back into the work environment. Our filters are suitable for use with both gas and arc welding processes.

Powder Coating

The powder coating industry’s needs are a perfect match for our BlueClean® HC PRO filter unit, which uses downflow cleaning technology. Suitable for handling potentially explosive dusts, such as powder coating overspray dust, our HC PRO filter unit can be fitted with explosion relief panels. These panels safely vent the dust either to the atmosphere, or to internal flameless vent devices.

Our high-efficiency filtration media enables the filtered air to be discharged back into the production area, but our range of BlueClean® HC PRO filter units can be supplied with secondary filtration to H14 HEPA standards if required.

Typical powder coating application include:

  • Hand spraying with manual product loading
  • Hand spraying with an automatic rail system
  • Automatic spraying with a rail system

Shot Blasting

Our BlueClean® range of filter units can be supplied to suit both ferrous and non-ferrous applications. As well as this, they can be made suitable for handling both expendable or re-usable shot blasting media.

We can supply our filter units with high-efficiency Spun Bonded Polyester filter media, anti-static spun bonded polyester, or cellulose nanoweb media. The choice of media is determined by whether the filtered air is being discharged back into the production area and whether the filter unit being handled contains a potentially explosive dust.

Our filter units can be supplied with a wide choice of waste collection methods;

  • 108 or 144 litre waste collection bins;
  • 45 gallon drums with isolation valves;
  • Double dump valves, or;
  • Rotary valves.

BlueClean Range

Together with integral high-efficiency top-mounted fan sets, our BlueClean® range of filter units has the answer to all your shot blasting dust extraction requirements.

Providing Local Exhaust Ventilation to shot blast enclosures gives operatives the visibility that they require to see the product that they are blasting. It also helps to prevent the dust being generated inside the shot blast enclosure from migrating into the rest of the production facility.

Typical shot blasting applications/extraction points include:

  • Small enclosed hand blasting cabinets
  • Shot blasting enclosures
  • Shot blasting machines
  • Shot recover