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Dust Con​trol 

i​ntegratedAIR Filtrations’ BlueClean® range of self-cleaning bag and cartridge filter units are designed with productivity and manufacturing efficiency.  From flyaway fume and dust issues through to heavy industrial applications, integratedAIR Filtration has all of your dust control needs covered.

Industrial Dust Collectors

Our range of BlueClean® filters has evolved to meet our client’s requirements.  Delivering the products and services you want is crucial to our success.  Our quality control starts as soon as an order is placed with our dedicated Sales Team through to delivery and commissioning. No matter what the LEV solution, our team provides high-quality industrial dust extraction with every project.

Dust can come from any material within an industrial process and can cause multiple hazards to health.  No matter what the dust, the correct dust extraction solution should always be put in place.  To ensure that this is the case we provide multiple types of dust filter units.  These come in varying sizes to suit most industrial processes. The amount of dust collected and the time that the process is running (eg: intermittent from a single extraction point or a process running 24/7 from multiple extraction points) determines the size and type of the dust collector required as well as the discharge/collection arrangement.  Our team of highly experienced dust control engineers will discuss your dust extraction requirements enabling them to put forward a proposal based on your specific application.  Our Sales Team is happy to help guide you over the phone or to make a site visit.

integratedAIR’s Team of dust control engineers have many years of industrial dust extraction experience to draw on to ensure that the best BlueClean® filter unit and LEV system is put forward to suit your application.


When choosing the best filter media and whether you need a cartridge or bag filter, the dust type, characteristics and particulate size need to be known.  For example, is the dust coarse or fine?  Does it form in lumps or granules?  Is it dry or does it have a moisture content?  Is it above ambient temperature and so by how much?  Contacting our Team with this information, along with details as to how the dust is generated will help our Team to provide the best LEV solution.  

As a standard, integratedAIR filter units are manufactured in mild steel and are powder coated light blue (RAL 5012).  However, we can provide alternative paint colours as well as alternative paint specifications such as a C4M marine finish. Contact our Sales Team to find out more.

Dust control system

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We know our dust filter units aren’t the cheapest on the market, but we are proud that they are made without compromise and are built with ease of maintenance and longevity. Our BlueClean® filter units are cost-effective, robust and are energy efficient.  Each of our dust extraction filter units goes through a thorough quality check to ensure that you receive a quality dust extraction filter unit to match their LEV system.

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