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The integratedAIR Filtration Ltd team has over 50 years of experience behind them, with clients all around the world – including industry-leading multinational corporations through to small independent businesses!

Why do you need dust control?

LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) is an essential discipline used to help companys’ comply with legally enforceable health and safety legislation and to meet their environmental obligations.

No airborne dust is good news, whether it is respirable or not. As well as being a nuisance, many dusts are dangerous to the health of those having to work in atmospheres where they are present. Different dusts present different risks, with some leading to debilitating medical conditions such as breathing difficulties or asthma. Some are carcinogenic, potentially leading to the onset of various types of cancer, with others being toxic in their own right, meaning that in extreme cases exposure to them can be fatal. Other applications can present multiple risks; welding fumes, for example can cause both lung cancer and occupational asthma together with a host of other associated health conditions.

Looking for a Full Dust Control Solution?

integratedAIR Systems 

integratedAIR Systems is a market-leading specialist in air conveyance systems. So find out more about the systems and services they provide go to their website.

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FabriSYS Engineering

We manufacture all our bespoke industrial parts from our purpose-built manufacturing facility FabriSYS Engineering Ltd, to the north of Manchester.

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integratedAIR Filtration is a recent addition to the integratedAIR Group. Combined with integratedAIR Systems we are proud to provide a full turnkey solution for your company – from initial enquiry through to install of dust extraction units. integratedAIR Systems is a market-leading specialist in air conveyance systems. So find out more about the systems and services they provide go to their website.

Compliance & Memberships

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We follow the Controlling airborne contaminants at work guidance in specifying your LEV system.

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SHAPA has been the UK's leading specialist association for the Solids Handling and Processing Industry since its formation in 1981.

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Made in Britain

We take pride that all our range of BlueClean® filters are designed and manufactured in the UK.

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ISO 9001:2015 
Quality Management System

integratedAIR is ISO certified, so our clients can be assured our systems and work environment are up to standard.

ATEX Directive

When a dust is potentially explosive, and/or when one of our filter units is being located in an ATEX rated area, our range of filter units can be supplied fully compliant with the ATEX Directive.

Our filter units can also be supplied with ATEX certified non-return valves for mounting in your extraction ductwork. This prevents explosions from propagating through extraction ducts and back into production areas, providing a de-coupling feature required for ATEX compliance.

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

Many manufacturing processes create dust that can travel deep into the lungs. Protect those exposed to dust in the workplace to prevent occupational asthma, various lung diseases including lung cancer. Exposure by skin, eyes and swallowing can occur with certain substances and can have permanent damage. Find out more here.

Give integratedAIR Filtration a call and we can help control exposure in the workplace.