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Dust Control  

Our high-specification BlueClean® dust extraction filter units are designed to extract the dusts produced in paper, tissue and corrugated card manufacturing. ​The multitude of benefits includes; improved health and safety, higher product quality, compliance with industry regulations and a reduction in maintenance.

System Design

Along with stand-alone filter units, integratedAIR Filtration can design a turnkey dust extraction solution for your production process. Our design engineers will ensure that you comply with Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) guidance and provide cost-effective and efficient solutions to improve your health and safety.  Find out more here.

Exposure Limits

You have a legal obligation under COSSH to control emissions in the workplace and protect your employees from the dust created within the industry, whether through inhalation or the skin. Without the proper dust control within paper and card production exposure can result in occupational asthma and other lung issues as the dust becomes embedded in the lungs.  

  Recycled paper can generate more dust in the manufacturing process due to the smaller particle’s sizes. More harmful particles may also be present if the paper or card has a coating or ink on it.  

Our BlueClean® range of filter units installed as part of a correctly designed LEV system will reduce dust emission in operations such as;

Maintaining Dust Control 

All dust extraction equipment used to control the dust must be maintained to ensure the system effectively reduces dust at the source and protects employees from inhalation and exposure. The LEV system needs to be examined and tested at least once every 14 months as per HSE guidance (HSG258). LEV records must be kept for at least 5 years. 

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