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Laser and Plasma Cutting

Dust Control Units 

Laser and plasma cutting is used to make controlled cuts on a variety of materials including wood, some plastics, metal, fabrics, and rubber.

Our BlueClean® filter units ensure high-quality filtration of ultra-fine dust, sparks, fumes, and particles which can have serious health and safety implications if not adequately controlled. All of our filter units are designed by our experienced engineers to meet your unique requirements.

Our design engineers will ensure that you comply with Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) guidance and other relevant industry legislation whilst providing the most cost-effective solution for your laser or plasma cutting process. 


The integratedAIR Filtration Team create bespoke designs for fume and dust control in the Laser and Plasma Cutting Industry.

From mechanical damage and superficial burns to workplace fires and life-threatening conditions, it is essential that any fume or dust produced by laser or plasma cutting is anticipated in the workplace. A well-designed LEV system is an essential part of your infrastructure, ensuring the safety of your workers and longevity of your business.

Our BlueClean® range of ​filter units ensure optimum health and safety standards for your workforce, with enhanced filtration and a range of optional features to maximise the effectiveness of your new dust control system.

Our engineers are fully conversant in all relevant legislation whilst ensuring your process-specific needs are met.


Laser-Generated Airborne Contaminants (LGACs) are recognised as posing their own unique risks to workers, ranging from occupational asthma to life-limiting health conditions.

Your workplace should be aware of the risks from LGACs and be actively working to prevent the dangers from LGACs affecting your employee’s health and workspace. The team at integratedAIR Filtration are well versed in the latest guidance and legislation for both LGAC’s created from laser and plasma cutting machines.

Call us today to discuss implementing a fully compliant and highly efficient dust control system for your laser and plasma cutting process. 

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Our solution for dust and fume control in your industry:

  • HC PRO and HC PRO Lite Filter Units with compact footprint and modular design to suit any requirements.
  • Multiple points of access for easy maintenance and servicing.
  • Explosion protection where required including bursting panels, suppression, and non-return valves.
  • Multiple methods of removable waste collection.
  • Suitable for both internal and external locations.
  • Supplied powder coated in a RAL colour of your choice, with or without branded badges

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